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The NAGE EMS Member Action Center is a place where NAGE EMS members can contact a NAGE staffed call center to get questions answered and receive any assistance they may need. To contact the MAC, click HERE.   This website is where NAGE EMS members can take action on issues that have a direct effect on their wages, benefits, and working conditions as well as the world around them.


Instructions:  Identify and contact your National Representatives and Senators by clicking on the Congressional button below (opens in new window) 

S. 2581  The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act

“Liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes is a concentrated, deadly poison that — even in very small quantities — can kill a child,” Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) CT . “Simple, childproof bottles would go a long way to preventing future tragedy.”

There have been more than 1,500 calls regarding liquid nicotine exposure this year, which is on pace to have doubled since last year. - American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Let your local Congresspersons and Sentators know if you support childproof bottles on liquid nicotine bottles.  Tell your local Congressperson or Senator your opinion!


NAGE EMS National Internet Survey - The Future of EMS

Help NAGE EMS understand how to position EMS for the best possible future.  Your voice matters.  Let NAGE EMS know what you think!

Online survey
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NAGE EMS Supports The EMS Safety Coalition - Learn More Here

The issue of fatigue on the job in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has become an epidemic in our country, negatively impacting patient care, jeopardizing ambulance crews and the community in general.  Currently there are few laws protecting EMS workers from working 24 hour shifts or longer without adequate rest periods.

 The EMS Safety Coalition has a mission to provide a safe workplace for EMS workers through the creation of new legislation promoting and mandating safe workplace practices for EMS workers.

 For More Information:  The EMS Safety Coalition

Member Action Call Center
If you are in need of representation for a job related incident or issue, please contact your local shop steward or local union officer for assistance.
You can also call the NAGE Member Action Center at Telephone (617) 376-7227 —in Massachusetts 
(866) 412-7762—toll free
Fax (617) 376-7278
E-Mail: from 8:30-5:00 pm Eastern Time