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NAGE Local R1-200 Ballot Tally Certification
Date of Election:_June 22, 2021____ Tally Location: NAGE Office, Bridgeport, CT
                                                                                                            Number of Ballots
                                                            Valid Ballots Counted:           _______169________
                                                                           Void Ballots:            _________4________
                                                                 Challenged Ballots:           _________1________
                                                                          Total Ballots Cast   _______174________
  Office                         Candidate’s Name                                     Number of Votes

President                                Dwayne McBride                                __________________
                                                James V. Meszoros, Sr.                      __­­­_ELECTED______
Vice President                        Michael Freddino                               __­_UNOPPOSED___
Secretary                                Maria Ayala                                        ___UNOPPOSED___
Treasurer                               Anthony Paoletto                                ___UNOPPOSED___
Chief Shop Steward              Manuel Garcia                                    ___UNOPPOSED___
                                                Waith Mitchell                                    ___UNOPPOSED___
                                                Carlis Patrick                                      ___UNOPPOSED___

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