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As frontline leaders at the worksite, NAGE stewards are required to wear many hats. They are problem solvers, educators, organizers, and communicators. They are an integral part of a strong local that protects the rights and benefits of its members. The resources provided below contain useful information and tips for successfully performing your duties and responsbilities as a steward.

The Stewards Handbook

This useful guide, published by our parent union SEIU, outlines stewards' various duties and responsibilities in the workplace. Chapters range from "Dealing with Management" to “The Steward as Political Activist." The book also provides a handy checklist of things stewards need to know, have, and do.

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  Grievance Form

Representation Requirements & Useful Tips

  Duty of Fair Representation—This is important!
  The Art of Interviewing
  Tips on Listening
  Ten Tips for Writing a Grievance
  Avoid the Top Ten Steward Mistakes!


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