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May 16, 2022

Happy EMS Week 2022 from National President David Holway and your NAGE family!

Speech text for the hearing impaired:

As National President of NAGE, I would like to wish each member of our emergency services locals a Happy EMS Week 2022. On behalf of your union family, we thank you wholeheartedly for the lives you save and the protection you provide to our communities all across this great nation.

Whether rain or shine, day or night, on weekends, holidays, birthdays, even sick, or tired; you have been there for us in our greatest times of need. Throughout it all, you have demonstrated an unassailable character rife with American ingenuity and resilience under extreme duress. The example you set each day as consummate EMS professionals should make you as proud as we are to represent you.

Since this time last year, we have made great strides in EMS together. In the public arena, we have undertaken many battles to improve or introduce legislation. By the numbers, we have grown significantly. Our members grace the covers and screens of major outlets, and all because people are waking up to your critical role in today’s infrastructure.

This week is not only about celebrating you as EMS professionals and the work you do. It is, it should, and it must be about acknowledging your work, understanding it’s importance, and owning up to the recognition you deserve for it.

Thank you, and Happy EMS Week.



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