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Reasons To Join NAGE EMS

Employees in private industry have unique challenges

According to the federal government, the union membership rate in the U.S. in 2013, the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of unions--was 11.3 percent, approximately the same as the year prior.  The percentage of American employees represented by unions has been on the decline since the mid-1950s.

As union membership in private industry has declined, employee productivity continues to rise while worker compensation has remained stagnant. That means that private employees tend to work harder for the same pay and receive fewer pay increases to help with the rising cost of living.  Private employers fight against unions every day because unions change the dynamic.

According to the United States government, as worker productivity has risen since 1950, workers have fallen behind on compensation and wages since the mid 1970's through today.

According to the United States Government

A contract with your boss

NAGE EMS has contracts with employers.  Why is a contract important?

Private EMS employers have contracts with hospitals, healthcare systems, and skilled nursing facilities. They even have contracts with vendors and suppliers. Most employers won’t do business with other companies without a contract of some sort.
But those same employers who insist on contracts with everybody else do not want to have contracts with their own employees.  That is where NAGE EMS comes in. Working together, employees represented by NAGE EMS can negotiate a legal contract with their employer, giving them a guarantee for wages, benefits, and working conditions. With a contract negotiated by and approved by management AND employees, everybody agrees on the way you do business together, everybody plays by the same rulebook, and everybody agrees on the process to address problems.