/ Why NAGE EMS Is Right For You

NAGE EMS is an EMS union working every day for EMS professionals

NAGE EMS is part of the National Association of Government Employees, a union representing nearly 50,000 public employees and first responders around the country. NAGE is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union, which represents over 2 million members in a wide variety of professions.

Our motto at NAGE EMS is simple—we put “Members First.”

But Why Is NAGE EMS right for you?

Because being in a union increases wages, augments benefits and retirements, and improves working conditions for EMS Professionals and workers in general.  EMTs, Paramedics, and EMS support staff as union members generally make more money, receive better benefits and retirements, and have better working conditions than their non-union counterparts.

But more importantly, NAGE EMS members have joined together for mutual benefit and strength.  Together they advocate for improvements to EMS systems, changes to rules, laws, and policies detrimental to EMS, and make changes for the better where they work and live.

Did You Know?

America's 16 million union members represent a cross section of people -- women and men of all ages, races and ethnic groups. They work in almost all professions, including EMS, hospitals and nursing homes, auto assembly plants and on construction sites, trains, buses and airplanes. They are movie stars, professional atheletes, security guards, engineers, office workers, musicians, electricians, postal workers, janitors and more. Union membership is important to all of these people, helping them gain decent wages and working conditions and have a say in their jobs.