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Dec 19, 2022

Sunstar EMS Local 247 Presents Posthumous Award to Beloved Supervisor

IAEP Local 247 of Pinellas County, FL and Sunstar EMS conferred a posthumous Honorary Lifetime Membership this past week in memory of beloved supervisor Leroy James Funderburk.

Having received promotion to supervisory status prior to the formation of the local, Funderburk is said to have always kept the EMS professionals at Sunstar in high regard. Advocating for them at each opportunity since their founding, Funderburk was endeared to and by his colleagues in the field.

Funderburk reportedly spent more than 30 years in the field before his well-deserved promotion to supervisor status. Working alongside many of those who would go on to be the founding members of Local 247, he enjoyed close friendships as a peer dedicated to improving EMS and the lives of people throughout the Pinellas community.

It is with great admiration and sadness that Local 247 keeps Leroy and his family in their thoughts this holiday season.

The IAEP joins them in their mourning for the loss of a positive influence in EMS, wishing both family and colleagues a brighter year to come.
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