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Oct 28, 2015

City Councilors Join NAGE EMS Members in Fight for Living Wage in San Diego

NAGE EMS Local 619 leaders continue to fight for fair wages and working conditions through the help of the San Diego City Council members.   Just months ago these members were fighting before the City Council for fair raises in their collective bargaining agreement and for help in being included in the City’s Living Wage Ordinance.   Currently in the city of San Diego, EMS professionals are not included in the Living Wage Ordinance.
As a result of these efforts alongside the City Council, NAGE EMS is now involved in the larger discussions that support adding EMS professionals to the San Diego Living Wage Ordinance.  Local 619 leaders are also heavily involved in representing their fellow EMS professionals at the City Council following recent concerns about lengthy call response times.   These leaders are making sure the members have a say in addressing the continuing issues of retention and an increasingly busy system.  
“This is a huge step forward for this local,” said National Director Philip Petit.  “This shows the power of unity and the effect that members working together for change can have on the electeds around them.   This is a direct result of working together towards a common goal.”
After the item was sent to the Economic Development & Intergovernmental Relations Committee regarding the Living Wage Ordinance, the committee voted to recommend that the Living Wage Ordinance be amended to ensure that EMT’s/Paramedics/medical service providers are covered by the policy. The change is still pending Council approval and NAGE EMS is working to be at the table and to continue to push in favor of this.
NAGE EMS will continue to fight to ensure its members have a seat at the table for discussions with council members, Rural Metro and the Fire Chief in regards to this problem.
“The professionals who provide these services deserve their voices to be heard and to be taken seriously,” said Petit.  “It took months of hard work together to get here and we’re dedicated to working with our leaders to make sure we keep everything moving in a positive direction.”
Please check in the coming weeks for further updates. 
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